3 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

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Many schools and hotels nowadays prefer synthetic grass tennis courts. This is because of their beauty, ease of installation and because they are durable. However, depending on your budget and number of courts you want, they can be costly to purchase, although their maintenance is relatively cheap. You should avoid any shortcuts since this will affect the quality of the tennis court. Below are some of the mistakes that you should avoid when cleaning synthetic grass tennis courts:

Do not use high-pressure water

While cleaning synthetic grass tennis courts seems easy, it can also result in the most damage. An example is when cleaning the court using high-pressure water. While this might appear to be doing a good job, it actually has a negative effect on the quality of the court. One effect is that it easily washes away the sand which is compacted into the court. This results in an uneven playing surface which can lead to medical injuries to players. Another consequence of using high-pressure water is that it damages the grass fibres. This affects the durability of the tennis court, especially if it is regularly used.

Do not use chemicals

Since detergents are used to clean different materials, you can assume that they can also be used to clean synthetic grass. This is false, and you should not attempt it. The synthetic grass is very delicate, and the quality is affected when it gets into contact with chemicals. You should not use chemicals even when you detect weeds in the course of regular maintenance. Even though you will be able to get rid of the weeds, the chemicals will weaken your artificial court. The structure can, therefore, lose its form after a few months instead of the minimum period outlined in the warranty.

Do not be tempted to brush intensely

What should I do when I come across animal droppings or some dried mud when inspecting the artificial tennis court? Many people conclude that the answer is to get a brush with some soapy water and clean it thoroughly. However, this is very wrong. When you brush the grass intensely, it will likely uproot some of the grass and affect the distribution of the sand. This weakens the entire artificial court.

You should ask your installer for the best cleaning and maintenance methods. Based on this information, you can create a maintenance schedule which will ensure that the artificial courts remain in excellent condition at all times.


20 November 2017

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