Questions to Ask When Chartering a Fishing Boat

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Chartering a fishing boat is a great way to enjoy some time on the water, without having to worry about navigating the boat or finding your way through unfamiliar territory after leaving the shore. If you want to fish, a boat charter can also mean heading right to the areas where you're likely to find the best schools of fish, without wasting hours trolling empty waters. When you are ready to charter a boat, note a few questions to ask before renting, so you know what's involved and that nothing is overlooked while you're on the water.

Ask about baggage limits

You may not be planning to bring a lot of carry-on baggage with you when chartering a boat, but you might still want to bring a change of clothing, a jacket, some personal care items to protect you from harsh sunlight, and the like. This can mean needing a few pieces of baggage or something very heavy, especially if you're bringing children with you. Always ask about limits beforehand, both for size and weight of your bags, so you can invest in a smaller duffle bag or something more compact, if needed.

Ask about fish limits or restrictions

Don't assume that taking a charter boat means that you can catch any type of fish, as some may be legally restricted, and some may be dangerous to bring onto the boat, such as sharks or swordfish. On the other hand, if you do want to try to catch a certain fish in particular, such as marlin or sea bass, discuss this with the boat charter. They may be able to make accommodations for larger fish and ensure that they visit areas where certain species are known to collect and school.

 Ask about food and drinks, and especially alcohol

Some boat charters will have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol, recreational drugs, and even certain rowdy behaviours. Others may allow a limited amount of alcohol, such as two drinks per person, or might even allow all the alcohol you want to bring. Some charter boats may provide a full grill and all the soda and bottled water you want, while others may simply allow you to bring your own food, while not providing refreshments for you. This often depends on the size of the boat and the length of the charter, as well as the size of your party. Whatever the case, always ask about food and refreshments rather than making any assumptions as to what you can bring or what will be provided for you.


5 January 2018

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