Tips for Finding Martial Arts Classes to Suit You

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It can be challenging to find the right martial arts classes, as there are so many disciplines and places to choose from. To help, here are several tips.

Self Defence

Thinking about your goals can help you make the right choice when finding martial arts classes. Do you want to learn techniques for practical self-defence, for example? Defining your aim is essential, as you can choose from various disciplines, which can help in various ways. For instance, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uses grappling techniques that can be useful in practical situations.


You also probably want to increase your fitness by taking martial arts classes. If so, it's essential to know how the various disciplines will affect the body. For example, boxing mainly enhances the upper body, while kickboxing and Taekwondo involve kicking, which has an emphasis on the lower body. When researching classes, you can let the instructor know what kind of fitness you want, and they can advise you on what disciplines may suit you best.


You also need to consider practical factors such as the scheduled time of classes and how far away they are. Learning a martial art takes time and patience, and you will need to attend classes regularly. If you choose an inconvenient time, you may be more inclined to skip classes after a while. Similarly, a great distance to travel can create a barrier to attending. So remove as many obstacles as possible by choosing a convenient time and location so attending is not too daunting on a cold winter's day when you may not want to leave the house.

Trial Classes

If this is your first time learning martial arts, it can be hard to know what to expect, so you should find a company offering a trial class. You may discover that you prefer a discipline that doesn't involve striking after attending the trial. You can thus opt for an alternate practice. Some things are only found through experience.

Additionally, by attending a trial class, you will see if you feel comfortable with the location and the other students. After all, learning martial arts is also a chance to socialise and meet new people.

A trial class will also introduce you to a particular instructor and their teaching style, which you need to be comfortable with. You may get some idea of what someone is like from a phone conversation, but a class situation is entirely different. For more information on martial arts classes, contact a professional near you.


5 July 2023

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