Using a Bore Sighter to Perfect Your Shot

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Whether you are a huntsman by profession or you do it as a hobby, you have to ensure that your rifle is accurately sighted if you expect to make any shots on target. When it comes to hunting game, numerous factors could decrease your ability to make a shot on target. These elements include the strength of the wind, the direction of the wind, your physical state and even whether you are taking the shot uphill or downhill. The best way to try to control all these elements to a degree would be by using a bore sighter. Here are some of the steps that you could use to ensure you are making the most of your shot.

Use the right aim scope

The first thing to consider when it comes to aim sights would be the aim-scope that you are using. Do not go for the cheapest aim rifle scopes simply because you are trying to save some pennies. A good aim scope is what could make the difference between you making the kill shot or you shooting off target. You could also invest in a scope mount to mount your aim scope on.

Proceed to attach your bore sighter to the base then level your rifle by ensuring the bubble is centred. Secure the rifle in that position so that it cannot move around easily. You should now remove the leveller and install the rings as well as the scope according to the instructions that came with them. Keep the tops of the rings as well as the bottoms matched so that you can align them without any hassle. Adjust the scope but do not tighten it in place yet.

Align the bore sighter

The next step would be to attach the bore sighter onto the muzzle of the rifle. You should also attach the bubble so as to indicate when the bore sighter is level. You should then turn on the bore sighter, and a horizontal line should be clearly projected on the wall in front of it. Peer through the scope to see whether it is fitted to your preference.

If it is not, you can adjust the reticle via turning it until the reticle and laser line are aligned. Once you are comfortable with the setting, you can tighten the screws. Your rifle, as well as your scope, should now be perfectly level so you can remove the leveller and take your shot. For more information, contact your local ammunition shop.


5 October 2018

The Joys of Different Sporting Activities

Yo! I want to give you all a big welcome to my new sports blog. My name is Sam but my friends call me Scud. Until a couple of months ago, I was the least sporty person in the world. Like many other teenagers, I used to enjoy sitting around playing video games or hanging out with my friends in the park. My dad was worried that I had no sense of direction so he signed me up for a snowboarding and ski class. I didn't want to go but I was surprised to discover that I loved it as soon as I got on the slopes. Since then, I have tired lots of other cools sports.