6 Safety Checklist Items For Your Boat

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It is important for you to conduct a safety check on your boat before the boating season begins. This safety check will enable you to correct any defects in time before your safety is compromised. This article discusses some of the items that you should include on the safety equipment checklist that you formulate for inspecting your boat.


Flares have a lifespan of a few years. Your checklist should include checking those flares so that you can confirm that they haven't expired. Replace all flares left with a few months. Set a reminder to replace those that can still work for most of the boating season.

Fire Extinguishers

Pay special attention to the fire extinguishers when you are inspecting the safety equipment on your boat. Start with the pressure gauges. Do they indicate that each extinguisher is full? Replace any extinguisher that is not full. Shake the remaining extinguishers so that the powder inside them breaks up in case it had formed clumps. Check the brackets and confirm they can still perform properly.

Life Jackets

Check the fabric, buckles, straps and flotation materials to confirm that they are in a good condition. Replace any life jackets that have damaged components. For example, do not try to repair an inflatable life jacket on your own in case its carbon dioxide cartridges have sustained serious damage, such as cracks.


A horn is a safety device because it can help you to warn other boaters as you approach so that collisions do not occur. It can also be useful in summoning help in case you get into any problem out at sea. Test the horn and make sure that it works properly. Have it repaired in case you are not satisfied with its performance.


What kind of batteries do your flashlights have? Recharge the batteries in case they are rechargeable. Replace all the batteries that aren't rechargeable. It is also wise to buy spare batteries so that you will have what to use when the need arises.

Ground Tackle

Pull out and check the anchor rod and tackle. Check the line, shackles and chain for damage, such as extensive corrosion. Replace those components that are worn or damaged so that they don't fail while you are out in the water.

Contact marine service companies for advice about professional checks for all boat systems, such as the electrical system. Such a comprehensive check will assure you that you will not face any avoidable safety risk due to defective equipment on your boat.


18 December 2017

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