Maintaining Trailer Safety


Trailers come in all shapes and sizes; some provide storage, others provide shelter and facilities for living. However, considerations should be taken in regards to safety, since if precautions are not heeded, it can result in disastrous consequences.  

A trailer must be towed by a vehicle capable of towing its weight. As such, before buying one, make sure that your vehicle is fully capable of towing your trailer and preferably can tow more than the actual weight of your trailer. When talking about the weight of a trailer, there are two terms that are important to know.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

This refers to the weight that a trailer is capable of loading. This will always be specified by the manufacture, and gives a good estimate as to the maximum potential weight of your trailer.

Gross Vehicle Weight

GVW refers to the average weight of the trailer, when loaded in conjunction with the user's things. The GVW can be worked out accordingly by finding the curb weight, which is designated by the manufacturer, and the weight of what you typically would carry in the trailer. The curb weight refers to the weight of the trailer itself.

When driving a vehicle with a trailer attached, take heed to drive at a slow and steady pace. Due to the weight that your vehicle has to tow, your vehicle requires greater effort from the engine and consumes more fuel then it normally would. Driving at high speeds with a trailer attached increases your chances of being involved in an accident, due to losing control of the tow. Consider also maintaining a slightly longer distance to other vehicles on the road then you normally would without a trailer.

Furthermore, be sure not to abruptly hit the brakes, as this is a sure-fire way to lose control of the trailer and vehicle, and doing so can cause the trailer to jack-knife, which is where the tow's rear end turns towards the front of the tow.

Alternatively, many trailers now offer electronic brakes that work independently from vehicles. Electronic brakes regulate the tow when the vehicle comes to a halt, consequently maintaining safety standards. 

With preparation done before purchasing, and through the practice and maintaining of safety on the road, those using a trailer can effectively and safely use a trailer with relatively little difficulty or concern. To learn more, contact a company that sells camper trailers.


28 December 2017

The Joys of Different Sporting Activities

Yo! I want to give you all a big welcome to my new sports blog. My name is Sam but my friends call me Scud. Until a couple of months ago, I was the least sporty person in the world. Like many other teenagers, I used to enjoy sitting around playing video games or hanging out with my friends in the park. My dad was worried that I had no sense of direction so he signed me up for a snowboarding and ski class. I didn't want to go but I was surprised to discover that I loved it as soon as I got on the slopes. Since then, I have tired lots of other cools sports.